Prepping for the In-laws, Part 1

The in-laws are coming for a visit which means the guest bedrooms that were formally home to my crafts and my cat, must now go into guest mode.

With four extra people coming to the house, I want each and every person to feel special. Usually when guests come, I provide a handwritten note of appreciation and some little tokens depending on the purpose of their visit.

For my mother’s first visit to the house and our city, I left maps and brochures detailing excursions in our city as well as some coffee crafted with the flavors of the city.

image from neatocoolville

When my family came for the holidays last year, I provided a basket with shower supplies and not much more since their stay was short and they already had their own agenda mapped out. I also provided more coffee, since my mother fell in love with it.

image from HEB

For the in-laws’ visit, I plan on each person recieving a plastic basket with their towels and extra shower supplies. This will serve double duty, since all four people will be sharing one shower, as a way to carry items to and from the bathroom quickly and easily, as well as holding all the token gifts.  Inside the basket, I plan on adding a small bottle of water and snack to the basket.

Preparing for my brother-in-law will be the hardest, since he will be sleeping on the downstairs sofa, which naturally is the gathering space during the day. His set-up will have to be temporary and easy for him to use.

I love hosting and sharing my home with others. This visit will be interesting since it comes at a time when we’re redoing the master bedroom, so I’ll have a lot of free shopping going on.

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Mission: Laundry Room Makeover, Part 2

 Recently I talked about how I would love to have a laundry room like this one from Classy Closets.  

Image from Easy Closets


However I have been blessed with a laundry like this.  

My Laundry Room


However, I’m determined to make this into my dream laundry room, without expanding the space.  Using my dream list of what I want from my laundry room I decided to look around the house for materials that can be used, also known as free shopping.   

My Finds     

  • Brass cafe curtain rod brackets

  • Bronze wall decals from Dollar Tree that say “live well laugh often love much
  • A green and bronze runner rug
  • Three silver framed mirrors with gold detail, also from Dollar Tree.
  • Ikea shoe rack

Armed with these items, I knew I had plenty to make the entry way part of the laundry room. However, I still needed something to hold those heavy work bags and coats.  After a quick trip to Target, I found the perfect item. No need to drill holes and heavy-duty enough for those heavy work bags. 


 Combining all the items, I decided to stick the decals around the walls such that we would be greeted by an inspirational saying regardless of the wall we faced. The mirrors found a home on the wall behind the doors for that last-minute face check, while the brass cafe brackets were drilled into the wall by the house entry door. These brackets serve as hooks for my keys, coupon bag and occasional purse. The shoe rack sits underneath them for the time being. So far we’re not using it that much and it’s in the way of loading and unloading clothes of the dryer. The rug stretches the length from door to door and creates a hallway effect while the hooks are on the back of the house entry door for our work bags and coats. 

Here’s a few shots of the entryway section of the laundry room.  


This is the last thing we see on the way out. 


The mirrors for the last peek before leaving. 


Finally the workhorse of the room, plenty of spots to hang my keys and coupon book. Over the door features plenty of room for work bags and coats. 

Next time, we’ll look at organizing the laundry room section of it.

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The Making of a Lamp

I have been craving these adorable lamps from the Z Gallerie for about a year now but couldn’t bring myself to pay the $170 price tag-ouch! Recently I found a very similar product at Target for about $30 and was giddy with excitement.

The morning I was due to purchase the lamps, I took a look at the current family room lamps from Ikea and was hit with a brain bolt!

What if I unscrew the tall base and made it shorter? What if I added spheres to the base? Since it would cost me nothing to try, I went to work.

Digging in the closet I found 8 christmas balls, grabbed the drill and wire cutters and for the next 20 minutes drilled holes in the balls as Plato watched. Two broken balls and numerous trial and errors on cutting procedures later, I was finished.

FYI: The best cutting method is to mark the balls first with the pole to determine how big you need the hole to be. Drill a hole on each side, then use wire clippers to cut out the circle of plastic. I alternated the shiny silver and matte silver balls on the stand and it looked better than I could have imagined.

I added a DIY drum shade (made from textured scrapbook paper, a wooden embroidery hoop, and floral wire) and whoola, a very adult like lamp for less than $5 and about an hour of labor. To say that I’m in love with the new lamps is an understatement. I spend many a minute happily staring at them and feeling all grown up, then dancing giddily across the room with the cat.

I did purchase those crystal lamps from Target as well, but they will have a home in the master bedroom.

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