Mission: Laundry Room Makeover, Part 1

How I wish I had a laundry room like this from Classy Closets.

Image from Easy ClosetsImage from Classy Closets

 Everything is light and airy, there is plenty of workspace and it’s so organized!!!

 Instead my laundry room’s floor plan is this.

My Laundry Room

Not airy, or light.  Those two doors make it impossible to do much in there. The bottom door leads to the garage, the top door leads to the house. So in addition to serving as a laundry room, this is also our mudroom and entry area for the family.

I’m determined to make this into my dream laundry room, without expanding the space. So I made a dream list of what I want my laundry room to look like, function as, and feel like.

  • A space to sort dirty laundry as it comes in since we only wash full loads.
  • Aspace to iron occasionally since hubby sometimes doesn’t get the laundry as soon as it’s done which results in wrinkles.
  • A space to hang freshly dryed clothing to reduce the amount of ironing (see above)
  • A space for folded laundry to hang out while waiting for hubby to put them away.
  • A space to store laundry detergent and essentials.
  • A space to drop off keys (mine), bags (hubby and I) and jackets (mostly mine).
  • A space to put my morning cup of tea as I grab my jacket, workbag and keys while opening the garage door so I won’t spill it all over my outfit resulting in a last minute change in the laundry room, except clothing is wrinkled which means a quick run upstairs for more clothing. (Don’t ask)
  • A spot to kick off shoes and put on flip flops.
  • A mirror for that last peek before leaving.
  • A place to stash some tools so I won’t have to run into the garage everytime I need a screwdriver.
  • Inspirational artwork or decals since this is the last place we see when we leave and the first we see when we arrive.

A pretty long list for a 6×10 room.


December 10, 2009. Home Decor, Organizing.

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