Organization Containers

I love to organize, absolutely love it. I hate to clean the kitchen and wash dishes, but I love to organize.  Part of organizing means that everything has a place and since I am frugal by nature, I tend to reuse items until they fall apart. So while cooking in the kitchen, I laid my eye upon some containers and brain bolt!


Spray paint + cheap items = modern organization decor items


I scavenged around the house for containers, anything and everything made it into my pile.

My Final Score

  • Heavy paper boxes from a clearance center, they’re Christmas items, but at $1 for 6, they are a lot cheaper than their non-Christmas alternatives.

  • Tins hanging in the kitchen from Christmas cookies
  • Empty litter containers (not litter boxes, but the boxes litter comes in)

  • Cans from veggies/fruit
  • Glass jars from food stuffs
  • Plastic fruit containers (the kinds that strawberries come in)

MY MISSION: Create cute chic decor boxes to store items in.

MY TOOLS: My trusty spray paint in various colors, wrapping paper, decorative scrapbook paper, trims like ribbons and such.


  1. Clean containers of any foodstuff, litter, and stubborn labels.
  2. Cut any holes if you need to.
  3. Spray paint or cover the boxes/tins with fabric/paper

  1. Optional: Add decorative embellishments such as painted stencils, ribbons, glitter, etc.
  2. Add items to the containers.
  3. Put items on various surfaces around the home.

  1. Admire your handiwork and your beautiful organization containers on the cheap/free.

December 5, 2009. DIY, Organizing, Saving Money.

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