Shopping from the Pantry

I was browsing an article on money saving tips and noticed one tip for the kitchen and cooking:

Day 18: Shop from your pantry
Just once this week, take an inventory of what’s in your cupboard and fridge. Try planning a meal that requires no extra ingredients. You’ll not only get rid of lingering groceries, you’ll reduce your shopping list for the week.

I thought about my current pantry and my recent trips to the grocery store to stock up on staples. Off the top of my head I could think of a few meals with what’s in our storage.

-2 cu chickpeas (garbanzos)
-2 cu rice, brown (arroz)
-2 smoked sausage (chorizo)
-3 TBSP sofrito mix (to taste)

–Cook smoked sausage in pan to render some oil. Add the other ingredients, season, cover and cook over medium heat for 20-25 minutes.
–Simple, yummy, but nicer for fall weather.

PIZZA (perfect way to get rid of leftovers)
– refrigerated pizza crust
– tomato sauce/pasta sauce
– toppings (veggies like peppers, onions; fruits like plums and peaches are a nice unexpected touch; canned chicken pieces; leftover meats; etc)

QUESADILLAS (another way to get rid of leftovers)
– tortillas
– shredded cheese
– filling (veggies, meat, fish, shrimp, anything!)

Of course, I love AllRecipes for trying new things. They have a search by ingredient feature, so if I don’t know what to make with brown rice, onions and eggs, I can find a recipe quickly. Also, they have a shopping list built-in so you won’t forget any item at the store.


November 25, 2009. Tags: , . Cooking, Saving Money.

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